Off the coast of Florida you will find the Florida Keys, a beautiful destination for swimming, diving, sailing and all sorts of water sports. Towards the end of February I made my fourth visit to Key Largo, where I stayed at the Amoray Dive Resort to work along side a great organization named Team River Runner.

The Out of Sight Clinic TRR puts on in Key Largo, Florida is truly amazing and rewarding for the blind and visually impaired veterans who participate. My involvement in the clinic has become more formal over the past 4 years, from just being a novice paddler to instructing others on how to sea kayak blind. Helping other blind and visually impaired veterans kayak out to the mangrove islands, through small channels and across big bays, motivates me to learn more about recreational therapy and its effect it has on ones mind & body. A dose of sun, a paddle in hand and a destination on the watery horizon equals an adventure fun filled day for all participating.